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Macau for free

Thank you MGM


Thanks to the MGM and the 3/5 corner.. Macau is now a free destination. In addition to providing us with additional spending money for the next few days, they also have amazing dumplings and hot pot. Although some of the food pieces that people cooked in their hot pot looked a little suspect. I can highly recommend Macau for two nights, good mix of old and new with Macanese food. Perfect combination of Chinese and Portugese.

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Stitchless in Macau


There are two very exciting things in Macau... casino's and no more stitches in my leg thanks to Dr Jus. After buying all medical equipment (a pocket pair of tweezers and some scissors plus buckets of betadine) jus went to work and successfully removed all without fainting or re-opening my wound.

Surprisingly we are yet to lay a bet but the dumplings and yum cha here are great. All made fresh and delivered within two seconds of ordering. Washed down perfectly with a Tsing Toa or two.

Hopefully the MGM is kind to us tonight and then we can dine at a Michelin Star restaurant in Hong Kong tomorrow.

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The minor miracle


I never once thought I could be out eaten and drunken by a 50kg Vietnamese man but last night it happened. Danny's cousin, Ming took us on a food journey through the backstreets of HCMC and we ate and drank nearly everything in sight. The only problem was in sight was a whole bunch of eels, turtles and frogs. Luckily we managed to escape with just razor clams, oysters and prawns. So far no food poisoning, so it goes down as one of the best food adventures to date. 3 different locations for food and drink in one night and the total cost was a little under $50.

This food journey didn't mix well with the next days adventure... the chu chi tunnels. Theses are designed for tiny Vietnamese soldiers to crawl through... not Australians who had three dinners the night before. Surprisingly, we made it through all tunnels without getting stuck.

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After a quiet day food day, we are back. Last night was the best pho of the trip by far ($3) followed by some saigon 'special' beer. The pho tasted like a mothers classic with tonnes of flavours (i don't really want to know what all of them are). The pho was followed by a cooking course with an international chef... just whipped up a few claypots, noodles and mustard leaf rolls. All in all the HCMC food is amazing with tonnes of choices and we have struggled to spend any money.

Off to the markets tonight to sample more local delicacies...

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Ho Chi Minh City

Food 1 Alex 15


After multiple amazing feeds, my adventurous food tour has come to a screaming halt. The food has struck back and I am in all sorts of pain. The silver lining is that the it keeps my waistline in check and i should come through Asia a few kilo's lighter.

On a brighter notes, Danny you are right HCMC is a much more organised than Hanoi. The Ben Than market looks amazing... hopefully their food can stay in my stomach.

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