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German Learnings

What I have learnt so far...


The last few weeks in Germany have been very eventful... here are some of the life lessons I will take from my time here;

1. Germans can drink.. and they will drink nearly everything from normal beer, applewine, melon wine and some weird sort of drink you shoot after dinner
2. I am not a very good barman in Germany - Attempting to work behind the bar sounds easy, until I realised my patchy German consists of about 6 words.
3. Read Signs - After failing to read a sign (it was labelled Death Walk), the next three hours in our trek across the mountain become possibly the scariest three hours of my life. Germans are that big into safety over here, so traversing across some rocks, two hundred metres about the road with no support is apparently a leisurely Sunday walk.
4. Autobahns are fast. Very Fast. Driving at 170km here is considered slow and you must stay in the slow person lane.
5. Queues are only a guide. Their road system is amazing, trains are brilliant... but I am not sure they have discovered the old school art of lining up yet.

On the food front, have been exploring various cuisines such as wild bore, snails, steak tartare and possibly the best calzone I have ever had!

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Festival Time - German Style

wine and sausages


Time for the festival to begin... 500L of wine stacked into our house and 3,000 sausages. Lets see how these Germans party.. apparently rollercoasters, wine and weiners all together is a great mix along with 500,000 people and a live band that plays the same songs over and over again (lucky it is in English).

My first weapon of choice will be a white wine.. followed by more white wine and then the beers! Lets see if we can do Australia proud.

I'll report back later with my findings on their festival endurance...

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mmmm amazing


Possibly the greatest city of all... once you stay at the ritz carlton you can't go back. As sample of their buffet;

- Cold meat like salmon, trout and aged beef
- Eggs cooked at various stages
- Unlimited fruit
- Crepes, donuts, pancakes and tarts

and of course... unlimited champagne.

Lets just say, lunch has been pretty light over the last 5 days. Although we have found a local pub and beer garden where we bumped into a local german and former FBI agent who were pleased to answer questions on the cold war and WW2. Thanks to the pilsner, asking those difficult questions became easy.

Just for those who have wagers on it... current weight... below 90kg.

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Weiners and Beer


It has been a while since I have asked for a weiner but in Frankfurt they are amazing. 2 euro and some mustard later and you have a brilliant feed. Bit of change from Asia, it is all potatoes and schnitzel as opposed to dumplings and chilli. The day markets at Bad Hamburg are brilliant.. fresh cold meats and cheese plus of course the fresh bakery delights..

Sydney take note.. we need some fresh bakeries

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Hong Kong

Hello Food


This place is amazing. Over the last 48 hours the following has been sampled;

Dim Sum - Made fresh and smashes Marri Gold
Duck - Looks amazing in the window but tastes even better. Need the sweet chilli sauce to power through the fat.
Long Ones - Don't know the real name but deep fried sweet bread. Pretty much the choice of snack here
Mango Sago - Owned by Aussies, tastes delicious
Dumplings - No need to say anymore, we are in China!

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