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Machu Picchu

Hello altitude sickness

all seasons in one day

Until one week ago, i didn't believe in altitude sickness. Now I understand exactly what it is... something you can't stop. 52km across various altitudes and mountains over 4 days doesn't sound that hard... until you see the mountain. Climbing 1000m in one day, just to reach the top and then walk down another 1000m... gut wrenching.

The four days leading up to Machu Picchu actually worked out better than then end... the amazing mountains and ruins and not too mention the abilities of our porters. Each carrying 25kg and running through the mountains to make sure when we got to camp out tent was set up and food was ready. They deserved every sole in their tip!

The food, i thought would be oring packed food but it turned out to be an amazing gastronomical treat of soups, chicken and trout with fresh bread and even vino tinto on the last night. Up there with the hardest but best experiences ever!

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A Melting Pot of Food


This place rocks... it is a fusion of spanish, chinese, japaneses, portugese and any other cuisine you want to add in. There have been some unreal combinations on our plates from lomo saltado (beef with soy sauce on a bed of rice and french fries) to Curry Chicken, spanish style with veges and salad together.

Seafood is the go here, with every sort of fish and shellfish available on the menu.

Avoid the main streets here and head to the local ally ways where you can pick up a 2 course feed plus a drink for around $4 Aussie bucks. The best and most surprising dishes so far have been the soups. Best tasting and surprising as one came with chicken feet and shins. Tasted amazing though!

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Atlantic City

Time to make some money


Pretty much in Atlantic City, provided you can stand for 50% of the time and you have at least half of your clothing on... you can stay in the casino. I have not seen a looser place than AC. Guys beating up girls, naked ppl in family places, staff getting hammered but more importantly an amazing craps table.

After a 3 hour bus ride down.. we then managed not to step outside for the next two days as the bucks party took full swing. All good times and not one person lost to the casino. Basically get paid to go to AC.

The food... terrible. The drinks... cheap

THis combined with the NYC food will result in some serious gym time in Lima to knock of those US pounds.

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Time to get Fat!


A combination of snow, weddings, lots of friends in town and US food = fat

NYC offers a huge variety of food, with mexican being my pick of cuisines here. The only problem is they don't really know how to do things in a smaller version. This includes theirs meals, their waist lines, their spirit free pouring and blowing up their economy. Everything is taken to the extreme.

Stay away from steaks... over priced! Stick with the local mexican food of tacos, mole and fresh guacamole (or however you spell it).

After 10 days in NYC, im kinda over tipping.

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wine and wine... the perfect combination

Tuscany - The unofficial definition is Tuscany = Relaxation and Wine.

What is better than being upgraded to the best suite in the resort????

Having the whole resort to yourself with a private chef and two full time staff... the end result was very little movement and plenty of wines and food. I am not a fan a reading too much but this library rocked... 100's of books on wines and business.

The Tuscan food, although pretty rich is superb. Wild boar or fresh made pasta with the best desserts and grappa. Just what you need to wash down the four courses of food... plus the most buffalo mozzarella I have ever seen...

My tip, try a SuperTuscan wine instead of a chianti... cheaper and my view... nicer.

Just to top it off... endless horses (and now a very sore back from riding them through the countryside).

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